OMM Media Hysteria


So 2,000 hardy and experienced fell runners toook part in the OMM. The weather was so bad it was feared that many of them were stranded overnight on the hill. For the national news reporters the most fearful thing about the whole event was that none of the runners had a mobile phone to call for help.  Every participant survived overnight, despite having no mobile phone, because they were very well prepared for the task they had embarked upon.

The next day, 6 participants were winched off by the MR teams and all the rest got down under their own steam. So far we have no evidence that they couldn’t have got off under their own steam. No participant interviewed has said it was badly organised. But already the news bulletins are proclaiming there are many question marks over whether it will happen again.

Is it possible the journalists have over-reacted, being unused to people who enjoy challenge and are grown up enough to decide on risk for themselves?