New Series: Counting With Rodd from 1 to 10


Turmeric’s latest production. Aimed at pre-schoolers and infants, presenter Rodd Christensen shows us how to play with and recognise the numbers 1 to 10. Each number gets to star in its own 5 minute show teaching us how to form them and how to use them in the right places. With playful activities, movement and lots of comedy, each number also has its own special verse in the number song so we can confidently sing along and count to 10 with Rodd. Commissioned by Katy Jones at BBC Learning with educational advice from Linda Mort.

Ladybirds have 6 legs

Rainbows and days of the week for the number 7


Talkie Time on Cbeebies for grown ups and children – innovative family learning for all ages


Parents and children can play the new series of Talkie Time which will be appearing on both CBeebies and BBC Learning very soon.

Sometimes you have to find the buzzer button to play a game with Rodd – I know I sent you one – There it is – on the end of your nose! Press it when I get something wrong. What sound will it make?

Sometimes you might need an odd sock so you can help Susie Odd-Sock make friends

Rodd's very happy when you help his shy friend Susie

You can find the pilot series here