Trickster XDream


An indoor bike that could offer the motivation to use both sides of the body. Cycling is highly recommended for hemiplegia as it requires reasonably even use of both sides of the body, on both arms and legs, and improves balance as well as muscular strength. Something like the TricksterXDream could offer a very good introduction for the nervous hemiplegic. Although with a £6,000 price tag we need a more mass-produced approach to get it down to anything affordable

Educational Games on mobile phones


This is a great example of a game that teaches without preaching. A Sims-style experience allows teenagers to live through the experience of moving out, renting a flat and negotiating independence. Made by Creative North with the local housing association in Kirklees.

We all carry our mobile phone all of the time. And it’s a source of solace and distraction when delayed on a journey. Teens with mobile phones are a readily harvestable audience for any games. The children I know are quite happy to play repetitive games of snake endlessly so the bar doesn’t have to be too high. Well-made games like these with a strong narrative drive provide an entertaining game with a well concealed but wise foundation that can also be shared with friends.