Whiteboard video clips for Eng Lit teachers – shameless plug for my work

60 minutes of HD video clips for secondary schools based on popular texts for Literature.
They go out as a programme on BBC2 in the Learning Zone from 5-6am on March 19th. Soon after the BBC will make them available as individual clips on the BBC’s class clips website, where they can be streamed in the UK.
The texts are:

  • Opening two chapters of Hard Times as a period and modern drama and as a reading
  • My Last Duchess by Robert Browning, performances of the orginal text set in two contrasting locations. These also contrast with the original version we made, set at an asian wedding, still available as a class clip
  • the Gettysburg Address from the point of view of contrasting audience members, with some of the positive and negative press that followed the event
  • War Poetry: Anthem for Doomed Youth and The Soldier, alternative readings in battlefield and home settings
  • Sonnet 17: readings by male and female characters in contrasting moods 
  • Go, Lovely Rose: readings by male and female characters in contrasting moods
  • Inversnaid: reading by Hardeep Singh Kohli

The clips are between 1 and 6 minutes long. I hope they can:

  • provoke questions about what writers mean 
  • to show how meaning may change depending on viewpoint. 
  • show how these very old stories continue to have great resonance and relevance in the 21st century.

Produced by me and made by a very hard-working team


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