Pendeford AS Media – What makes a good media employee?

Yesterday I visited Pendeford High School in Wolverhampton to deliver a presentation to the lovely AS students. This was partly inspired by the ever-cheerful and proactive Nicky Ball at Screen Yorkshire who gave her time so generously when she described how she made students aware of what it’s really like working in the media.
She set me off thinking what I would describe as essential skills and I surprised myself when I realised how low down the list skills and knowledge were. The vital skills on my list were all personal, social and transferable skills.
It’s possible I just take knowledge and technical skills for granted as everyone I’ve ever worked with has them in spades. But what differentiates the ones I want to work with and the ones I consider great, from the ones I don’t, is the following:

Be fearless
Work well in a team of strangers
Be flexible
Be open to new experiences
Ask questions
Be a radiator not a drain
Take responsibility for your actions

What makes a bad colleague?

Not getting your hands dirty
Offending others unnecessarily
Being passive aggressive
Being passive
Being aggressive
Not being straight/honest/clear
Being lazy
Being unable to get what you want

They’re probably just general life skills for anyone, but they seem to me to make the difference between the successful production team and the unsuccessful.

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