Ross, Brand and Editorial Guidelines in Broadcasting

After all the BBC’s efforts , the On Air Talent still sometimes fails to understand that all broadcasters have to comply with Editorial Standards. The bridge from creative to offensive can be quite small, because sticking to the rules is what creative people don’t do. That’s why they have layers of staff – editors, producers, series producers and executive producers –  to make sure their creativity doesn’t get the broadcaster slapped by the regulator. And in the last few years, the requirement to fill in in an online compliance form as dictated by Ofcom. So there wasn’t much excuse for this. Except that clearly someone, somewhere in that chain, didn’t realise they were there not just to foster creativity, but also to keep the talent out of trouble. 

After Queengate, new EdPol training was forced on all BBC staff and all independent production companies working for the BBC. 

Almost all production staff go into the job to be creative.  A few of them don’t quite see the importance of EdPol. It’s not what you go into the business to do. But as this week’s row and sad result shows, it’s vital to regard it as a key part of your role if you have any editorial function at all.

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