Right sided hemiplegia and Wii Play

One of the things Bobath suggested to us was encouraging the player to use their weaker hand. Wii Play allows you to set your preferred hand, and change it back easily when you’ve finished, so select the side you want to work on as your “dominant” hand. The score may feel dispiritingly low to begin with as it’s so different. The aim has to be to beat your own score in this, not to get a great score. Or to beat each other’s score and all play with the alternative hand.


2 Responses to Right sided hemiplegia and Wii Play

  1. U.B.E.Könst says:

    I work in a Geriatric Revalidation Center and we would like to have more information about how to intigrate the Wii Nentendo plays in to revalidation proces of the stroke (CVA) patiënts. Can you please sent some information about the latest experienses with this subject?
    With kins regards
    Ursula Könst
    Dignis Lentis

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