Meeting Royalty

I was invited to be “presented” and was curious enough to put my good shoes on and drag my arse across town on a very cold night. It was a perfectly pleasant occasion, a good, interesting and committed speech made without much reference to notes, and a reasonably warm and pleasant mien, but I wouldn’t bother again. It’s slightly uneasy being part of a small group, where you aren’t sure who is supposed to initiate the conversation or move subjects on. There were one or two awkward silences as listeners struggled against the noisy acoustics, and struggled more to think of an appropriate way to make conversation. I don’t think that kind of protocol would be a useful way to govern social occasions. However nice the individual concerned. It’s interesting to think that our lives were governed by such etiquette at one point – and that in some places, similar codes still apply..

Maybe I should have gone to the Harry Potter preview instead. But that can be a weekend treat. At work I went to an interesting demonstration of a fantastic computer wall, a means of accessing content that offered great possibilities for the classroom and the living room, as demonstrated to a colleague in Tokyo. Only two years ago we were wildly speculating that such a thing might be possible at some distant time in the future.


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